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Boogie Nights At My House 1980

One of the fringe benefits of being a photographer covering the scene back in the eighties was that you got to meet some really beautiful girls. Well, I had a steady stream of beautiful young girls coming to my pad. During this period, I rented a house on Canton Drive in Studio City. It was just over the hill from Mulholland Drive. I could be at The Starwood or Art's Deli in a flash. I think I paid about $1,200 a month for this amazing party house. There was an incredible pool and space in the living room to set up a photo studio. I had wild relationships with several Playboy Playmates; but for the most part, I was fairly low key. I did toss a few incredible parties. At one party, my friend Kim Folwey got two girls to make out on my living room floor in front of a hundred invited and uninvited guests. It is interesting that even to this day I sometimes meet people who were at that party and ask me when I am going to throw another one. That was like three decades ago! I am sure that these wild pool parties still happen today on some level, but I think there was more freedom back in the eighties. I used the pool for photo shoots as much as possible. Friends and models would come over and I kept my camera close by. The topless girl floating in my pool is Kari Klark. I met Kari through my friend and fellow photographer, Julian Wasser. She was an actress and model and she loved being photographed. On warm summer days, Kari would come over, peel off her clothes, jump in the pool and smile for my camera!

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