Brad Elterman

Boogie Nights At My House 1980

I had this incredible Fuck House in Studio City in 1980. I was young and cute and I rented this house with a swimming pool for all of $1200 per month and life was amazing. I took photos of Matt Dillion in my living room. I held wild parties with Kim Fowley singing and getting bisexual teenage girls to makeout on the carpet in front of a hundred of my friends. I had playmate girlfriends and their sisters. All I did was take photos and have fun. Downstairs in my office I had a telex machine which connected me with all of my magazine clients and agents all over Europe and Japan. It would print out messages with orders for me to go to Rio with Boney M or off to Tokyo with Leif Garett. During my free time, my friend Kari Clark would come over, strip off all of her clothes and I would take pictures of her swimming naked in my pool. She was a professional model and taught me some photo tricks. The camera adored her. I have not sceen Kari in 35 years and do not have a clue where she is today. I think about Kari, the Playmates, their sisters and my parties many times over the years. I will never forget those days.