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Kim Fowley Dog Den Pool

Kim Fowley would refer to his apartment as his “Dog Den.” Really cool bands and girls always hung out there. This photo was taken beside Kim's swimming pool, which I am sure he never once used. Our good friend Michelle Meyer was kind of the queen of the house. She helped him with all of his daily tasks. Kim would yell at Michelle while she was busy on the phones or typing away, “Michelle Meyer, keep urinating!” It was hysterical, but you really had to be there to see it in person.

One of Kim's brilliant seventies bands were The Orchids. I do not even remember their music or how well they played, but it did not matter. Between Kim's talent and me hustling the photos all over the world, these girls were in every magazine from Germany to Japan. All that without a single tour. That is what it took back then - a talented producer and someone to take the photos and hype it to the magazines all over the world. Keep in mind this was decades before the internet!

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