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Photos BY David Keeler. Photo of Cherie Currie BY Jenny Lens


Vogue Italy June 2011
Purple Fashion Magazine February 2011
Los Angeles Magazine November 2010
Schön Magazine London 2010
Rolling Stone Brazil May 2010
Rolling Stone Japan February 2010
Rockin'On Japan February 2010
Monster Children October 2009
Los Angeles Times Image 2009
Style Section LA 2009
Candy Collective October 2009
Vogue Brazil September 2009
Mojo Magazine August 2009
Los Angeles Times May 2009
L' Officiel Magazine 2009
L' Officiel Latvia Magazine 2009
Apple Store Soho New York 2007
Gallerie Thoma & Thoma 2007
Dagbladet August 2005

Vogue Italy

Vogue Italy 2011

Vogue Italy June 2011

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Purple Fashion Magazine

Purple Fashion Magazine 2011

Purple Fashion Magazine February 2011

Purple Fashion Magazine published five pages on Brad Elterman's photographs in their "Purple Night" section of their Spring Summer 2011 issue

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Focus Online Germany

Focus Online Germany 2011

Focus Online Germany 2011

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French Vogue Online

French Vogue Online March 2011

French Vogue Online March 2011

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Los Angeles Times


Los Angeles Times December 2010


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Los Angeles Magazine - Books


Los Angeles Magazine November 2010

Limited edition signed and numbered book available at LEADAPRON Melrose Place. Book signing December 2 2010, 6-8pm



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Schön Magazine London


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April 16, 2010

So many photo portfolios to get excited about this week. The latest is Brad Elterman’s photo career which started way back in 1974, when the 16 year old Brad borrowed a friends camera and snapped a shot of Dylan performing on stage. Since then, he’s been riding the gravy train on cheese wheels; one sex, drugs, and rock and roll infused photo feast, where Brad has had the amazing opportunity to photograph just about every rock/ punk/ pop legend to grace the stage and my highschool bedroom walls. From The Faces with our man Rod, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, The Sex Pistols, Devo, Talking Heads, The Runaways, Joan Jett, Kiss, Blondie, the Ramones, The Who, even Sean’s favorite band Abba…the list goes on and on. This guy has serious cred. Dipping his beak into just about every rowdy Hollywood party, Brad has made stellar contributions to magazines like Rolling Stone, Creem, Circus, etc. He was eventually hired to do official publicity photos by major record labels before forming one of the first Los Angeles-based photo agencies, California Features International, Inc. which specialized in providing celebrity coverage to magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Brad’s photos provide a rare, often raunchy glimse into rock and roll history where it seems Brad is always at the right place at the right time, camera ready. There is even a photo of Dylan posing with a young Deniro at The Roxy in 1976! and Brad, by some alignment of the planets, was some kid with a camera. There might be a better chance of quadruplet albinos being born under a solar eclipse, than a cosmic opportunity like that happening again in a young photographers career.

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Vice Magazine

Vice Mag May 14 2010 Brad Elterman Article

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Rolling Stone Brazil

Rolling Stone Japan February 2010

Rolling Stone Brazil, May 2010 featuring Brad Elterman

Rolling Stone Japan

Rolling Stone Japan February 2010

Rolling Stone Japan, February 2010, Local Mash Up featuring Brad Elterman

Los Angeles Times | Image

la times blogs november 2009

L'Agence and L.A. photographer Brad Elterman team up for a show at Ron Herman

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Style Section Los Angeles

style section la Novemberr 2009

Brad Elterman, one of L.A.’s early paparazzos, was a huge source of inspiration for stylist rep Margaret Maldonado’s, who sidelines as designer for her own L’Agence clothing collection.

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Monster Children

Monster Children Black And White Issue October 2009

Monster Children Black And White Issue, October 2009

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Candy Collective

Candy Collective October 2009

Candy The Photography Issue, October 2009

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Vogue Brazil

Vogue Brazil September 2009

Vogue Brazil, September 2009, 'Beverly Hell's Angels' feature of Brad Elterman's photographs.

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L' Officiel

In their June/ July 2009 issue, French fashion magazine, L' Officiel did a beautiful eight page feature of my seventies photographs. I flew to Paris to meet the editors and was so moved with the way that they embraced my seventies paparazzi style of photography. It is incredible how this type of photography is so "in vogue" today. I definitely plan on spending more time in Paris this year. I will keep you posted! My next stop will be to shoot a Gucci ad seventies paparazzi style. Thank you Emmanuel Cossu and the entire L'Officiel team!!

L' Officiel Magazine June 2009

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August 2009 issue.

Mojo Magazine August 2009

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Seventy Seven Press LLC

Like It Was Yesterday Book by Seventy Seven Press LLC

Like It Was Yesterday
by Brad Elterman
Limited edition: 500 copies signed and numbered
Published by Seventy Seven Press LLC

ISBN: 978-0-615-37229-7
Release date:
December 2010
8445 Melrose Place
Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Article May 29 2009

Paparazzo Brad Elterman takes the long view

The Buzz Foto agency owner was there for the anything-goes '70s. His photos can be seen in a new book, 'Like It Was Yesterday,' and a show at Equator Books in Venice.
By Nicholas White
May 29, 2009

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YouTube: Interview by Photo Induced

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Press Quotes:

LA Alternative Press
"Elterman is the quintessential Hollywood photographer with a 30-plus year history to show for it."
Johnny Angel

City Beat
"He turned a teenage adventure into a business"
Kirk Silsbee

Los Angeles Times
"Don't miss this"
Heidi Cuda

City Beat
"Comparisons to the posed calm of Diane Arbus and the just-at-the-moment qualities of Helen Leavitt"
Kirk Silsbee

LA Alternative Press
"If anything screams ’70s decadent L.A.
it is this image." Johnny Angel

A Photography Blog.

Brad Elterman: Then and Now
By Rachel Hulin on October 15, 2008

I became fascinated with Brad Elterman's classic rock imagery (and amazing caption-writing) from the '70s and '80s at the inception of this blog, and was recently in touch with him about his current activities. He continues to shape the paparazzi industry from the inside-- he's now a co-founder of Buzz Foto.

A little Q&A follows.
Brad Elterman (on the right), then:

Brad Elterman

How did you get started in the paparazzi business?

I was not always a paparazzo. I shot for all of the record companies and rock magazines. I was friends with many of the bands and we all hung out. Back in 1975 I wanted to take photos of David Bowie while he was in L.A and I was turned down by the publicist. Bowie was such a provocative figure back then and every move he made was controlled by his management and PR.

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Hey, I just started a blog


Gallerie Thoma & Thoma 2007

I was contacted by Basel artist Marco Pittori inquiring if he could use my "Behind The Beverly Hills Hotel" as inspiration for one of his modern conceptual paintings. I agreed and I flew to Basel to join Marco for a group show at at Gallerie Thoma & Thoma May 2007. The show was a big success and we became instant friends. We hope to do future shows together in Europe and Los Angeles.


The Birth Of Buzz Foto

The big news is that I am back in the photo agency business once again. I started Buzz Foto with my brilliant business partner, Henry Flores. Henry has been in the industry for years and we make a wonderful team. This agency is all about making iconic photographs of celebrities for magazines and newspapers.

We studied the market before we started Buzz Foto and came to the obvious conclusion that Paparazzi is what the magazines want these days. It is evident that when executed properly and professionally, this is an expectable form of journalism and it is not going away anytime soon.

We promised ourselves that we would strive to have our photographers make beautiful iconic photographs which would have the potential to hang on the walls of MoMA one day next to the works of Walker Evans, Helen Levitt and Bresson. That is how we came up with Buzz Foto's "Paparazzi As An Art Form" and we are about to produce our very first "Paparazzi As An Art Form" photo exhibition in Los Angeles. We hope that it will be the first of many.

Last fall, Henry and I were invited to speak in New York at the Apple Store, SoHo where we shared with the capacity crowd the stories behind our photographs. The showcase featured my seventies and eighties photos and covered all of the modern work that Henry does daily with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie.